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Spreading Science like a Virus

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The Making of a Scientist - In Conversation with Cognitive Psychologist Gary Marcus - Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers — NOVA Next | PBS

"A great scientist develops a real insight into what we don’t know. There are plenty of facts in science, but cutting edge science is about living with ambiguity.”

-The very quotable Gary Marcus. Read more from Marcus on the “science instinct,” how to cultivate curiosity, and more: http://to.pbs.org/QFQe6b

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Changing the Climate of Discrimination in Science

A Beijing International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science (IAQMS) conference listed 24 invited speakers and five chairs and honorary chairs. None of them were women, despite having 300 active female scientists in the field.
Three renowned female theoretical chemist Krylov (USC), Carter (Princeton) and Gagliardi (Univ of Minnesota)reached out to the scientific community, calling for a boycott of the conference. They also created an electronic petition on change.org. The petition attracted considerable media attention from leading publications including Nature, Science and Inside Higher Education.
The 15th International Congress of Quantum Chemistry (ICQC) organizers removed the list of speakers from the website on Feb. 16 and posted an official apology from IAQMS President Josef Michl. The organization then amended the list of speakers to include six women.

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Foraging bats can warn each other away from their dinners

University of Maryland researchers have learned that male big brown bats in flight use a special call, different from the echolocation calls they use for navigation, to warn other foraging males away from insect prey that they are claiming

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